2018 Tampa Swimming Pool Technology

If you are planning to build a new pool or renovate an existing pool, you'll want to know about new features and designs for 2018 Tampa swimming pools. Technology has made swimming pools even more fun and convenient.  Here are 6 ways technology is changing pools in 2018...

1) Automation - In 2018, much of a pool's maintenance can be automated.  In the past, pool owners had to manually test chlorine levels and manually add chlorine, but today you can maintain consistent chlorine levels with an automated salt system.  In the past, pools without a screen enclosure had to have leaves and other debris manually vacuumed on a regular basis, but today you can connect an automated system. And of course, pumps, lighting and water features can all be set to turn on and off by timers whenever you like.
2) Remote control - While it's nice to automate many pool features, some features it's nice to to be able to control in an easy, convenient way.  In 2018, many pool features can be control remotely with an app.  In the past, if a person wanted to relax in their hot tub, they had to go outside and turn it on an then wait for it heat up. Today you can add an app to your phone or table that allows you to turn your hot tub as you're leaving the office so it's all heated up by the time you get home.
3) Custom pool shapes - Decades ago, pools were mostly rectangular.  Then kidney bean shapes became prominent.  Today, pools can be built any size or shape you want.  Want to be able to swim laps? Your pool can be designed to be longer and narrower.  Want to fit your pool into an oddly shaped yard or around corners of your home? Whatever you like.
4) Splash decks - A splash deck is a shallow area of the pool, usually only a few inches deep. Sometimes it slopes gradually to the pool deck giving it a beach-like appearance.  Slash decks are great for families with young children.  They're also great if you like to sunbathe or sit with your toes in the water.  Splash decks can even be built with a place to insert a removable unmbrella for shade.
5) Infinity pools - One of the coolest looking new pool features is called an "infinity pool" where it appears as though part of the pool has no edge.  This is achieved by creating a spill-over where the water flows over that side of the pool to drainage area and circulated back into the pool. When there's beautiful scenery beyond the pool, this creates a stunning effect.
6) Fire, water and lighting features - We've written about fire, water and lighting features in several other articles, so we won't go into depth about them here, but new variations are being developed all the time and the possibilities are almost endless.
If you are interested in a 2018 Tampa swimming pool, contact us at Grand Vista Pools today!

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