5 Tampa Swimming Pool Construction Myths

If you live in the Tampa Bay area and are thinking about building a swimming pool, it is important you understand Tampa swimming pool construction to make sure you get the best pool for your money. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths about swimming pool construction. But you're in good hands. We're going to examine them and get to the truth here.

Myth #1: all pool materials are the same.

Not all materials will last the lifetime of the swimming pool. Some materials are more expensive at the time of construction, but because they are more durable actually save money over the lifetime of the pool. Some materials require more maintainanence than others.

Myth #2: all Tampa swimming pools are built the same way.

There is no license specifically for pool construction, so anyone can build a swimming pool. As you know, not everyone has the same experience or attention to detail. And not everyone uses the same quality materials. Sometimes when a customer choose a less expensive pool builder, they end up unhappy with the work and have to spend more money to fix the problems created by the original pool builder. Knowing this can protect you from a frustrating pool building experience.

Myth #3: all Tampa pool companies are the same.

You want a pool builder you can trust. When considering a Tampa pool company ask yourself... Do they have experience, a good reputation with the Better Business Bureau, and good reviews online? Are they upfront about costs, the materials they use and the pool construction schedule? These elements will affect your pool and the pool construction process. Your pool builder should be able to clearly define this information for you. At Grand Vista Pools, we meet with our clients to discuss these and other important details, so our clients know they will get the pool they expect.

Myth #4: maintaining a Tampa swimming pool takes a lot of work.

If quality materials and available technology are used in the construction of a pool, the effort to maintain the pool can be minimal. You may be surprised at how easy it can be. You will spend less time maintaining your pool and more time enjoying it!

Myth #5: a pool will increase your home value.

In the Tampa Bay area, a swimming pool almost always increases the value of your home (as long as it's maintained well). However, there are other factors that weigh into home valuations. If a home is already one of the most expensive home in the neighborhood, adding a pool or improving an existing pool may not increase it's resale price. If resale value is a big factor in your decision, consult a local real estate agent.

We this hope busting these myths helps you make a better decision regarding your pool.

If you're looking for a high quality pool builder who builds Safety Harbor pools, Citrus Park pools, and pools all across the Tampa Bay area, please contact us at Grand Vista Pools today!

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