How to Prevent the Biggest Swimming Pool Mistake

Do you want a new swimming pool but are not sure where to begin? A good first step is to understand and prevent the biggest mistake people make with their swimming pools.
This may sound ridiculous, but a lot people in the Tampa Bay area build the wrong swimming pool. They go to a Tampa pool builder, they tell the pool builder what they want, the pool builder constructs it and then it turns out they’re not happy with it.
Wait, what?!?
What is the Biggest Swimming Pool Mistake?
The biggest swimming pool mistake is not fully considering the intended uses of the pool and as a result, not designing the pool to fit those uses.
You know the saying, “The customer is always right.”  
It's not entirely true. Many pool builders just build whatever the homeowner wants. But often the homeowner hasn't fully considered how they will be using the pool. As a result, many homeowners ask for features that don’t fit with how they’ll use the pool and leave out features that would enhance the experience. Here are some examples...
Examples of Pool Building Mistakes:
  • Some people intend to use their pool for exercise or physical therapy, but don't think about the specific exercises it will be used for most often. If they had discussed this with the pool designer, perhaps the pool would have been made longer and narrower for swimming laps.  Or it should have included spa jets in a seating area or a separate spa area.
  • Some people love to layout in the sun and get a tan but don't mention this to their pool designer. If they had, a good pool designer would have brought up the option of adding a sun shelf where chairs can be place in an inch or two of water.
  • Some people have small children or regularly host friends with small children. If they had discussed this with a pool designer, the pool designer would recommend safety features like a security fence, and the pool depth and shape that's ideal for small children. A sun shelf is also an ideal place for toddlers to splash around with adult supervision.
  • Some people love to entertaining guests around the pool area. If they had mentioned that to an experienced pool designer, they would recommend mood lighting features, special landscaping and water features in and around the pool.

Professional Swimming Pool Design

These are just a few examples of how good, collaborative swimming pool design can prevent disappointment and enhance your outdoor living experience. This is why it's important to work with an experienced pool designer who will not just build whatever you ask for but discuss the lifestyle you envision for yourself and your family. bring their own ideas to the table, and design your entire outdoor living space to be the best it can be for the things you enjoy doing.
That’s our approach at Grand Vista Pools. If you’d like to discuss the design and construction of your new pool, contact us today.

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