About Our Company

Looking For A Swimming Pool Company in Tampa You Can Trust?

Grand Vista Pools makes it easy to find a swimming pool builder you can rely on.

It's not easy to figure out which swimming pool company in Odessa, Trinity or Tampa is going to give you the quality, service and design standards you hope for, and which one is going to cut corners, surprise you with hidden costs, take months to complete the job or close their doors in the middle of your project.


Company Objective

Grand Vista Pools, located in Trinity, Pasco County Florida was established with the primary objective of filling the gap that has been left open between the production swimming pool companies and the high-end custom pool companies in the Tampa Bay area. We recognize that there is a need for a professional swimming pool builder that understands and relates to the needs of each individual client. One area that we realize we must focus on is constant communication with our clients. We do this by creating an open communication channel that starts with the initial contact and continues right on through to the completion of the project and beyond. With the technology that we have at our fingertips, it is almost impossible to run a successful swimming pool construction company any other way. From our location in Trinity, Florida, we proudly serve Pinellas County, Pasco County, Hillsborough County, and the entire Tampa Bay area.


Changing Trends

Over the past few years, outdoor living trends have been evolving rapidly and we are in tune with these changing lifestyles. We have also evolved and have built a reputation on “Thinking outside the pool.” We want to ensure that the swimming pool you build will blend in to your current or future theme for your backyard. As Florida state licensed building contractors, we can handle any type of construction project. Our design process takes the guess work out of what to do with the rest of your property after the swimming pool is built. We combine custom design, superior quality, excellent customer service and technology to deliver high quality swimming pools, outdoor living spaces, patios, landscaping, outdoor kitchens and more. All of this coupled together with proper communication is our recipe for success.


Your Time

We understand that time is your most precious commodity so we always strive to make the design and presentation process as efficient and simple as possible. We use the latest technology to save time in this process. When is comes to construction timelines, this is where we stand above the crowd. We can complete most swimming pool construction projects in six weeks or less from start to finish. So if you are planning a big event and you think you won’t have your home ready in time, don’t wait, give us a call, we can meet your schedule and you can “show off” your new backyard to your family and friends.



Technology is key when it comes to taking your swimming pool or outdoor construction ideas and turning them into reality. We use state of the art design software to create a detailed color rendering of your new backyard. The same rendering is then transformed into engineered schematics that will be used to obtain a swimming pool construction permit. This system reduces the time it takes to go from concept to contract and then to construction. Once your project is started we use scheduling software to ensure that your swimming pool project stays on track and on schedule.


Grand Vista Pools is THE swimming pool company in Tampa, Trinity and Odessa you can trust to build a quality pool and outdoor living space to meet your family's unique lifestyle. Contact us today!