Best Pool Builder in Tampa, Florida

If you live in the Tampa, Florida area and are considering building or remodeling a swimming pool, you'll want to hire one of the best pool builders in Tampa.
Which pool builders are the best depends to some extent on your criteria.  There can also be some differences of opinion.  However, there are some qualifications just about everyone agrees are necessary to be considered one of the best pool builders in the Tampa Bay area.
1) Licensed. This may seem obvious, but the best Tampa pool builders are licensed by the State of Florida. All pool builders say they are licensed, but you should take a few minutes and check to be sure.  Get the license number of each pool builder you’re considering and verify it with the state.
2) Insured. Again, this may seem like a no-brainer, but when hiring a company to do a construction project of the size and scope of a swimming pool, it’s worth taking the time to verify the insurance of pool builders you're considering.  Contact the insurance companies and make sure their polices are active and adequate.
3) Warranty. The best pool builders in Tampa stand behind their work. Their warranties cover not only the cost of materials but also the cost of the labor to fix whatever issues arise. Don’t expect a “lifetime” warranty, though.  No pool lasts forever.
4) Experience. The best pool builders in Tampa, FL have been building swimming pools for many years. In addition to learning from past projects, experience demonstrates the company's leaders can run a company, manage staff and complete projects. Additionally, the best pool builders honor their warranties, and it’s difficult to tell if a company will honor their warranties if they’ve only been around for a few years.
5) Good Ratings.  Some pool builders are all of the above - licensed, insured, experienced and offer good a good warranty - but don’t handle problems well. Others have been in business for a long time but are not what they once were. They could be under new management that is not living up to the previous standards. Check with the Better Business Bureau, look at their rating and review any complaints.
6) Happy Clients.  Last but certainly not least, the best pool builders in Tampa have happy clients. Every pool builder will show you pictures of their best work, but the best pool builders have written testimonials or even video testimonials which tell you about their experience with the company.
Is Grand Vista Pools one of the best pool builders in Tampa, Florida?
Check our license and insurance, examine our warranties and decades of experience, see the written and video testimonials of our clients. Then decide for yourself.
If you’d like to discuss building or renovating a pool for you, please contact Grand Vista Pools today.

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