What You Need to Know about Owning a Tampa Swimming Pool

The Tampa Bay area is known for its wonderful, warm Florida weather. Winters are usually so mild, they hardly qualify as winter.  In fact it's been said that Tampa has two seasons - the hot season and the warm season.
Here are 3 things you need to know about owning a Tampa Swimming Pool:
1. Enjoyment All Year Long
In northern states, pool owners must prepare their swimming pools for winter and protect them from damage caused by freezing temperatures. This process involves cleaning the pool, draining the water out of it, winterizing the pipes, and covering the pool. Fortunately, none of this work is necessary for Tampa swimming pools!
Because the patio area and pool deck can be used year round, Floridians spend a lot more time on them, so much so that we refer to these areas as "outdoor living space."
2. You Need a Screen Enclosure
We put more thought into designing our outdoor living space to fit our lifestyle.  Tampa swimming pools and outdoor living spaces tend to be more integrated with the home. Many people build a screen enclosure around their pool. This enables them to leave the back door open so people can move freely between the pool area and the house while keeping mosquito and biting flies from spoiling the fun. This is not seen as often in northern states when pools - if present at all - are closed down for many months each year.
Building a screen enclosure around a pool is a popular choice in the Tampa area for other reasons too. Screens help to keep pools cleaner by protecting pools from leaves and other debris, especially there are trees in close to the pool. Screens can also keep snakes, frogs, raccoons, and other wildlife out of the pool. To maintain a more rustic, outdoor aesthetic, sliders or windows can be installed.
3. Unique Landscaping Options
Bay area pool owners also have the option of using tropical landscaping around their Tampa swimming pools. Palm trees, tropical flowers, and other warm-weather plants can't handle hard freezes. But here in our area, tropical landscaping can give your pool the look and feel of an island get-away.
If you live in the New Port Richey, Trinity, Tarpon Springs or Tampa area and are interested in building a new swimming pool or remodeling your existing swimming pool, contact us at Grand Vista Pools today!

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