How to Filter Your Swimming Pool

Filtering your swimming pool is very important. Proper pool maintenance with a well-functioning filter system will keep your pool looking beautiful for years. On the other hand, failing to properly maintain your pool creates a dirty mess and an expensive clean up. It is much less expensive to maintain your pool through proper filtering than it is to correct a problem with chemicals. So, proper pool maintenance will save you both time and money!

Filtering Saves Money!

Filtering saves water and chlorine. Leaves and other items that fall into your pool have an effect on the chemical balance as those items break down and decompose. You will need less chlorine if the filter traps most of the organic and inorganic materials in your pool. Reducing the chlorine also reduces the need to add in fresh water. Less chlorine + less water = less money.

How Long Should I Filter My Pool?

The pool’s filtration system should run long enough to properly clean the pool. Variables such as the size of the pool and pool pump, whether the pool has a screen enclosure, the number of people swimming in the pool, and the amount of rain and leaves entering the pool all factor into the length of time the filtration system should be run. You can run calculations of the pool volume divided by the flow rate of the pump times times the number of times you want the water cycled per day if you like, but a good rule of thumb is to run the filtration system for 6-8 hours a day. If the pool is screened or doesn't get a lot of use, opt towards the low end of that range. If the pool is open, gets a lot of leaves in it or gets a lot of use, opt towards the high end of that range.

Proper Water Balance is Important

In addition to running the filtration system, it is also important for the pool water to have the proper chemical balance. Organic debris, rain water, evaporation and chemicals in hair and makeup will alter the chemical levels. Even with filtering, these minerals can stain your pool. So, test your water regularly. Many pool supply stores will even test your pool for free and tell you exactly what products to add to achieve the proper balance.

The combination of a properly running the filter system and proper water balance, will make your pool a healthy and refreshing source of recreation for years to come.

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