Halloween Ideas for Your Pool

Are you hosting a Halloween party this year? Or would you like to do something fun and creative with your family? You can make this Halloween memorable by decorating your swimming pool for the holiday. Here are some Halloween ideas for your pool:
1) Floating Pumpkins – This is probably the easiest way to decorate your pool for Halloween.  Just float some plastic pumpkins on the surface.  Real pumpkins float as well, but only the top quarter or so stick out of the water.
2) Floating bodies, zombies, skeletons, etc – If you're going for hard-core scary, seeing a fake dead body floating in a pool will freak out just about anyone. If you're going for a little lighter ambiance, float some skeletons or zombies in your pool, on inflatable rafts or on inner tubes.
3) Dry Ice – Dry ice can be placed in a swimming pool to give it a spooky, foggy effect. Dry ice will burn skin, so make sure you wear gloves or handle it with tongs and are very careful. Also, don't allow swimmers in the pool while there is dry ice in it.
4) Bubbles – You can add laundry soap to create a bubbly foam on the surface of your pool. Note that his will affect the chemical balance of the pool water, so afterwards be sure to check the chemical levels and make adjustments to get everything back within normal ranges.
5) Blood in the water – Swimming pool dye can turn a pool blood red temporarily. It’s non-toxic and won’t stain your pool. This is not true of all dyes, however, so make sure the dye you use is specifically labelled swimming pool dye or safer for swimming pools.
One scare you doing want to give your family or guests is the fear of getting cut or injured which can happen if your pool is looking old, chipped and dilapidated.  If your Tampa swimming pool is scaring away swimmers, contact Grand Vista Pools to discuss remodeling your pool and adding some life to it.

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