How to Filter Your Tampa Swimming Pool the Right Way

Filtering your Tampa swimming pool is very important. Proper pool maintenance, including a well-functioning filter system, will help your swimming pool to look amazing and save you money!.  
Proper filtration is especially important during the Summer months when thunderstorms and strong wind can blow dirt and debris into your pool. Even if your pool has a screen enclosure, people can track leaves and grass clippings in on their shoes or feet. You may also have plants inside your screen enclosure and it's common to find human and pet hair in swimming pools. 
It's much easier and less expensive to maintain your pool through good filtering than to correct a problem with chemicals. As a result, good pool maintenance saves you both time and money!
How Long Should I Filter My Pool Each Day?
There are several variables involved in answering this question, including the size of the pool, flow rate of the pool pump, how often the pool is used,  whether the pool has a screen enclosure, the amount of rain, and whether leaves and other debris are entering the pool.
You can run calculations, if you'd like:
Pool volume
/ (divided by)
The flow rate of the pump
X (multiplied times)
The number of times you want the water cycled per day.
However, if you want to keep things simple...
A good rule of thumb is to run the filtration system for 6-8 hours per day.
If the pool is screened or doesn't get much use, 6 hours is usually fine. If the pool gets gets a lot of use  or a lot of leaves in it, more filtration is better.
Add and Remove Water When Necessary
A lot of debris that gets into pools floats (at least for a little while).  When it rains a lot, the water level can rise above the top of the skimmer keeping debris that is floating on the surface of the water from being sucked into the skimmer and being filtered out of the water.  If your water level has gotten too high, water should be drained from the pool until it is about an inch below the top of the skimmer.
When there are dry periods, the water level can drop close to the bottom of the skimmer.  If the water level is too low, water cannot flow fast enough into the skimmer, causing the pump to take in air which can damage the pump.  If this happens, water should be added.  Ideally, the water level should be about half way between the top and bottom of the skimmer.
Proper Chemical Balance is Key
In addition to running the filtration system correctly, it's also important for the pool water to have the right chemical balance. Rain water, evaporation, organic debris, and chemicals in hair and makeup all impact chemical levels. Even with filtering, these items can stain your pool and reduce the lifetime of your pool equipment. So, it's vital to test your water regularly and maintain the proper chemical balance. Many pool supply stores will test your pool for free and tell you exactly what chemicals to add to gain the proper balance.

Tampa Swimming Pool Filtering Saves Money!

Filtering your pool the right way prevents a dirty mess and an expensive clean up. It will also cause you to use less chlorine and less water.  The math is simple: less chlorine + less water + less wear and tear on your system = more savings! 
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