Do I Need a Heater for My Pool in Trinity, Florida?

About half the continental United States has snow on the ground right now. Swimming is the last thing on their mind. But here in the Tampa, Florida area, it's been in the mid-80s all week. 

All it takes is a short walk around the block to get one perspiring and thinking, "A cool swim would feel mighty refreshing."
If you don't have a swimming pool, or your pool is looking like its seen better days, you might be wondering... 
Can I remodel my pool or build a Tampa swimming pool by Summer?
You'll be pleased to know the answer is..
Yes, you can!
In an earlier blog post, we addressed one of the most common questions about swimming pools: how long does it take to build a swimming pool?
You learn read more about pool-building process in that article. The bottom line is the whole process, from your first phone call to putting your toes in the water of your new pool usually take 10-12 weeks.
So, if you call us today, you could be swimming in your new pool by Memorial Day.
How does that sound?
If you would like to remodel your swimming pool or would like to build a pool in Tampa, Clearwater, New Port Richey or anywhere in between, please give us a call at (888) 530-POOL or fill out the contact form to take the first step towards enjoying your new swimming pool this summer

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