Tampa Swimming Pool Automation Systems


It used to take a fair amount of time and effort to maintain a swimming pool in the Tampa Bay area. Pool owner had to regularly

  • check chlorine levels
  • go to a store to get liquid chlorine and chlorine tablets
  • add the necessary amounts of chlorine and other chemicals
  • vacuum the pool
  • brush the pool
  • and more 

Now we can install automation systems which take care of many of these things for the pool owner.

Spa / Temperature Controls - Want to turn on and warm up your spa as you're leaving the office so it will be ready when you get him?  Yes... there's an app for that.  We can install a system that connects with an app on your phone or tablet and enables you to control pool and spa functions from anywhere.

Salt Chlorination Systems - Salt systems convert salt into chlorine.  They have a sensor that measures the amount of chlorine in your pool water, and then automatically adds exactly the right amount of chlorine to maintain the chlorination level you set.

Automated pool vacuums - Some people prefer a pool that doesn't have a screen enclosure.  However, that enables leaves and other debris to fall into the pool, which then needs to be removed.  In that past, that meant connecting a hose and manually pushing a pool vac around until everything was cleaned up.  We can install an automated pool vac that cruises the bottom of your pool picking up dirt and leaves.

If you'd like to make your life a little easier by having us install any of these pool automation systems, contact Grand Vista Pools.