Would You Enjoy this Setting for Your Christmas Dinner?

One Christmas tradition many families have eating Christmas dinner together. Food is such an important part of most social gatherings, isn't it?... Family and friends gathering around the dinner table eating, drinking, getting caught up, sharing stories. We love it!

In Florida, we have the wonderful climate that allows us to have these great gatherings outside year-round if we have a nice Tampa outdoor living area.

Setting Matters

Have you ever noticed in movies that many of the most memorable scenes take place in memorable settings - Paris, London, New York, beautiful beaches, epic mountaintop views. Movie producers understand the setting is a big part of making a movie memorable.

Think about how much time and money goes into creating the perfect setting for a wedding - renting a great church, hall, or outdoor venue, getting fresh flowers, selecting center pieces and table settings, choosing a beautiful dress. Engaged couples know the setting is an important part of having a memorable wedding.

Christmas in Your Tampa Outdoor Living Area

The setting for a family gathering is also important. When the setting is unattractive or cramped, it can make the gathering less enjoyable, but when the setting is beautiful, inviting and comfortable, it makes the whole event more enjoyable. Similarly, when the setting is common or boring, the end result may be a less memorable gathering, but when the setting is memorable, it makes the whole event more memorable.

Here in the Tampa Bay region, we have the opportunity to have our Christmas dinners in a unique, beautiful setting that is impossible almost everywhere else in the country - outside.

Imagine your extended family visiting from New York or Ohio, and being able to say, "We thought this year we would have Christmas dinner outside on the patio next to the new outdoor kitchen." Or perhaps you'd prefer it be in an outdoor pavilion. Or near a warm outdoor fireplace.

The specific details of your ideal Tampa outdoor living area may vary, but your chances are good that your family from up north has never had Christmas dinner outside.

Most Floridians haven't had a Christmas dinner outside either. So, even if your dinner guests are all be local, or if you're having a small quiet Christmas dinner with no guests, it's almost guaranteed to be a unique setting and therefore a unique and memorable experience.

Now is the Time to Start Planning Your Tampa Outdoor Living Space

It may be too late to create your ideal outdoor living space for this Christmas, but what about next year and beyond? Now is the best time to start dreaming and planning for the setting you want to have to make 2020 your most memorable year ever.

We at Grand Vista Pools would love to help make those dreams come true. We not only build beautiful pools, but also amazing outdoor kitchens, pavilions, patios, fireplaces and more. Contact us today to talk with someone about your ideal Tampa outdoor living space.

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