Invest Your Tax Refund in Your Swimming Pool

If you’re like most folks in the Tampa Bay area, you are relieved that tax day – April 18 - is finally behind us. Hopefully, you’re due to receive a nice refund. If so, why not put it towards a new swimming pool, refurbishing your existing pool or creating the Tampa outdoor living space of your dreams?
It can be difficult to save for new pool construction, pool refurbishing or a Tampa outdoor kitchen, but consider this: your tax refund is the result of a year of saving. You had extra money taken out of your paycheck every pay period, and now the IRS is sending it back to you. Because the federal government doesn’t pay interest, it's not the best way to save, but the end result is money saved.
Now you can invest that cash in your swimming pool or outdoor living space. And yes, it is an investment in many ways…
1) Invest in your home. A beautiful pool and outdoor living area will increase the value of your Florida home.
2) Invest in your family. Swimming, playing in the pool and hanging out in your outdoor living area are great ways for your family to spend time together. If you don’t have children at home, it’s a great setting for some alone time with your spouse or fun with grandchildren or extended family.
3) Invest in your friends. An outdoor kitchen area, outdoor seating area, outdoor bar or swimming pool all make great settings for entertaining. You can invite your friends over, get together with family, and even host events for the church, school or community group you’re a part of.
4) Invest in yourself. We all live very busy lives. To stay healthy, it’s important to slow down, relax, and reflect. A beautiful, peaceful outdoor setting can help you do that.
If you are interested in investing your tax refund in a new pool, remodeling your current pool or creating the outdoor living space of your dreams, please contact us at Grand Vista Pools today.

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