What is Pool Resurfacing in Tampa?

A backyard swimming pool in Tampa can be a wonderful source of fun and exercise for family and friends year after year. However, swimming pools need maintenance to keep them looking great and working well. When a pool's surface starts to peal or chip, it's time to think about Tampa swimming pool resurfacing.
If you've never had to do pool resurfacing or refinishing, it may seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.
As you might imagine, the first question many people ask is, "How much does pool resurfacing cost?
Unfortunately, there's no way to answer that question in an article like this, because the cost to resurface a pool varies significantly. The cost of resurfacing depends on the size of the pool and the finish used.
Some people (and websites) say you can resurface your pool on your own, but that is a big risk. Fixing a botched pool resurfacing job costs much more than hiring a professional pool refinisher from the start. Even if you do a great job, it's most likely not going to look quite as good as if you had hired a professional. This is why for best results, we recommend hiring a professional pool refinisher.
Quality Pool Resurfacing Products 
One key to a successful Tampa pool resurfacing project is to use a quality pool resurfacing product. Grand Vista Pools, only installs Pebble Tec products. We are an authorized Pebble Tec  installer. This means our installers have been trained and have extensive experience with this product. We believe in this product, and are pleased the Pebble Tec company offers a lifetime guarantee.
Pool Resurfacing Experience
A second key to a successful Tampa pool resurfacing project is to hire a professional pool contractor that is experienced with pool finishes. You don’t want a company installing a product they have not worked with. When you research pool contractors, ask them which products they use and how much experience they have with each product.
Pool Resurfacing Preparation
A third key that will set professional pool resurfacing companies apart is the prep work done at the beginning of the pool resurfacing project. This is an important part of the project; you don't want short cuts taken. If the prep work isn’t done well, it's likely you won't notice until years later when the surface begins to peal and crack long before its expected lifetime.
Grand Vista Pools drains the pool, does an acid wash, and applies a bond coat to prepare the pool. The bond coat is important because this helps the new surface to stick to the pool (similar to a coat of primer when painting a car). Many companies cut costs by not using a bond coat, which dramatically reduces the life of the pool's surface.
The effects of poor prep work won’t be apparent until the pool contractor is long gone with your money. So, do yourself a favor and hire a pool company you trust to do the job right.
Grand Vista Pools, are swimming pool contractors committed to doing the prep work well, using quality materials. We have only trained, experienced professionals resurface your pool so you will be happy with your refinished pool for many years.  
Whether you are considering resurfacing your pool in Tampa, New Port Richey, or anywhere in the Tampa Bay area, contact Grand Vista Pools today for all your swimming pool builder needs!

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