Swimming Pool Design for Evenings

When it comes to swimming pool design, most people give a lot of consideration to how it will look and function in daylight hours, but what about after dark?  In Tampa, Florida area evening is a great time to enjoy a pool, whether it’s an evening dip in the pool or a tropical party around it.
Starting with the basics, it's important to have adequate lighting all around your pool and outdoor living area for safety reasons.  Additionally, you and your guests won't feel comfortable and be able to relax and enjoy the evening unless the area is well lit.
Beyond that, colored lights and lighting features in the pool and any fountains can really make a pool look amazing at night.
Fire features such as fireplaces, fire pits and decorate fire bowls can add a big wow-factor.  They can also add warmth if you host holiday parties or other outdoor events in the cooler winter months.   Take a look at our fire features gallery to get ideas for your pool.
If you are interested in building a new pool or refurbishing an existing pool, contact us at Grand Vista Pools. We can build you a pool that is stunningly beautiful night or day.

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