Tampa Swimming Pool Design – Night and Day

Most Tampa swimming pools are designed primarily for how they will look and function during daylight hours. However, here in the Tampa Bay area, many people use their swimming pools in the evening or late at night when it's dark for a night swim in the pool or an outdoor party around it.
Before you have a swimming pool designed and built for you, it's important to think about how you may use your when it's dark, and what needs to be included in the design of your pool so you can do these activities in a way that's fun and safe.
How to Design Your Tampa Swimming Pool for Night Use
1) Basic lighting.  Obviously, it's essential to have adequate lighting all around your pool and outdoor living space for safety reasons.  You and your guests won't be able to move around, relax and enjoy the evening unless the area is well lit.
2) Safety lighting.  In addition to basic outdoor lighting, if your outdoor living space has steps, planters or other features that could be tripping hazards, we strongly recommend installing small safety lights to illuminate these elements.
3) Mood lighting.  Want to take your evening pool party or poolside party to the next level? Colored lights and lighting features in the pool, fountains and waterfalls can really make a pool look fantastic at night.
4) Security fence.  Can you see yourself hosting non-swimming, outdoor parties?  Do you, your extended family or any of your friends have young children?  If you answered yes to these questions, we highly recommend installing a security fence with a locked gate around your entire pool to prevent anyone from accidentally falling into the water.
5) Fire features.  Fire features like fire bowls, fire pits and fireplaces will add a big wow-factor to your outdoor events.  They can also add warmth if you host holiday parties or other outdoor events in the cooler, winter months.   Check out our pictures of swimming pool fire features to get ideas for your pool.
If you are looking for a Tampa swimming pool builder who can design, build or renovate your pool for amazing day and night use, contact us at Grand Vista Pools.

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