Tampa Outdoor Kitchen: Top 10 Labor Day Foods to Grill

Are you ready for a 3 day weekend? Here in the United States, Labor Day is the 3rd most popular holiday for outdoor grilling (after 4th of July and Memorial Day.)
So, we thought you might like to know what people will be grilling.
Top 10 Foods to Grill
1) Steak
2) Hamburgers
3) Hot dogs
4) Ribs
5) Bratwurst
6) Shish kebabs
7) Chicken
8) Fish
9) Shrimp
10) Corn on the cob
Mmmm... my mouth is watering already!
Today, many Floridians are thinking beyond the traditional charcoal or propane grill to a full Tampa outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens can include a variety of features and appliances such as a stove, oven, refrigerator and sink. Just imagine having the ability to cook anything you want in your outdoor kitchen!
Perhaps some day Thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin pie will make the list of the top foods to cook outdoors. We can dream, right?
If you live in the Tampa Bay area and want to add a Tampa outdoor kitchen, outdoor living area, or swimming pool to your backyard, contact us at Grand Vista Pools.
Enjoy your Labor Day!

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