A Swimming Pool Installer

Backyard swimming pools can be a great source of recreation and enjoyment for your family.  Swimming in your own pool is certainly more convenient than packing up the van and driving to a community pool.  If you want to have a swimming pool, you’ll need a company that specializes in building or installing an in-ground pool.

Starting the Process

Swimming Pool installers are companies that take you through the entire process of building your backyard pool.  They will meet with you at your home to get the measurement and layout of your backyard and to discuss the many different options for the appearance and configuration of your pool.  They will help you apply for the building permit or may do this for you.  Then the pool installers are ready to do what they do best – build your pool!

Installing the Pool

Here’s a quick overview of the pool installation process.

  • Pool installation begins with grading the yard.
  • Next the outline of the pool is created.
  • Then the pool can be dug and the steel rebar installed.
  • Typically an inspection will be required at this point.
  • Once it passes inspection, the concrete can be poured.
  • Then the underground electrical and plumbing work will be done.
  • This is followed by laying the tile, edging and concrete footers.
  • Then deck pavers, screen enclosures and pool equipment are installed.
  • Next the pool can be filled with water.
  • Once the child safety fence and final inspections are complete, the pool is ready for swimming!

Let Grand Vista Install Your Pool

If you are looking for a swimming pool installer, consider Grand Vista Pools.  We specialize in pool installation and believe in maintaining excellent communication with our customers throughout the pool design and building process and beyond.  We know you want to know what is going to happen when, and we are happy to provide you with that information!

Please give us a call at (888) 530-POOL or fill out the contact form here and take that first step towards enjoying a new Swimming pool.


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