Custom Swimming Pool, Tampa, FL – Spotlight: Jon and Katie

Jon and Katie shared their experience working with Grand Vista Pools to build their outdoor living area and custom swimming pool in Tampa, FL.  
Jon began by describing how they looked for a pool builder:
Building a swimming pool and the whole outdoor area of our home was a very big project for us.
We didn't start look looking at the yellow pages or anything like that. We started looking at our neighbors homes and friends and families homes. There were a couple of houses that we visited and as we looked around we said, "Wow! This is stunning work! This is the kind of work we want done on her home."
Katie described the experience of working with Grand Vista Pools:
The experience with Kevin and Grand Vista Pools was just spectacular. It was so amazing because we actually had people that were willing to not only work with us and deliver on everything that we asked, but they were helpful, courteous and... wonderful to work with.

She continued:

Working with Grand Vista Pools was like a dream. If I had a question, I could simply text Kevin or someone at Grand Vista Pools and I would get a text or a phone call immediately.
Jon talked about how Grand Vista Pools didn't just build them a pool but transformed their entire back yard and made modifications to their house:
We completely redid the back of our home. We had a few windows there, and the windows got pulled out and replaced with French doors. It wasn't really a project that we had planned, but when we consulted with Grand Vista, we really looked at the whole layout of the home and the entire outdoor living area, and it was just the right change, to make it a better, livable area, easier to use and more beautiful.
Katie described what happened after their pool was completed:
As soon as I was done with my pool, my sister came over and she was amazed with the results, and immediately contacted Grand Vista Pools. I know several friends that are interested now in getting a pool area or redoing their pool area simply because of our experience that we had with Grand Vista Pools. 

You can see Jon and Katie's custom swimming pool and hear more of what they had to say about their pool and their experience working with Grand Vista Pools in the video below.

If you would like a beautiful custom swimming pool in Tampa, Tarpon Springs, New Port Richey or anywhere in the Tampa Bay Area, contact Grand Vista Pools.  Let’s schedule a time to talk about the pool of your dreams.

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