Halloween Decorating Ideas for your Tampa Swimming Pool

Now that we've turned the calendar to October, we're looking ahead at the fall holiday season.
Halloween has really grown in popularity in recent years.  It used to be just kids walking around for a few hours asking for candy.  But now lots of people host Halloween parties and even more people decorate there homes for the holiday. Thankfully, due to the warmer temperatures in Florida, Tampa swimming pools can still be used in October.
Due to the virus, things still may be a little different this year. Maybe you have a party or maybe you'd like to do something fun and creative with your family or just like to get into the Halloween spirit, yourself. 
One fun, memorable thing you can do for Halloween is to decorate your Tampa swimming pool for the holiday. To get get your creative wheels turning here are...
6 Halloween Decorating Ideas for your Tampa Swimming Pool
1) Float pumpkins – This may be the easiest way to decorate your swimming pool for Halloween.  Just float some plastic pumpkins on the water.     FYI, you could also float real pumpkins in a pool, but only the very top will be visible above the water, they are more expensive, heavier to move, and you have to be careful not to leave them in too long or they start to rot. 
2) Dry Ice – When dry ice is put into a swimming pool, it causes the water to bubble and generates a spooky "fog" of water vapor and carbon dioxide. If you do this, be careful - dry ice burns skin.  Therefore, be sure to wear gloves or handle it with tongs. Additionally, don't allow people to swim in the pool while dry ice in it. Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide. As it turns into gas in the pool, it can create a layer of carbon dioxide near the surface of the pool which cause trouble breathing or even suffocation in extreme situations.
3) Bubbles – Another option is to add laundry soap to create a bubbly foam on the surface of your pool. This does affect the chemical balance of the pool water, so when the festivities are over, check the chemical levels and make adjustments to get everything back within normal ranges.  
4) Blood in the water – Swimming pool dye can temporarily make a pool look blood red. It’s non-toxic and won’t stain your pool. Make sure you carefully read the label on the dye. Not all dyes are safe for swimming pools, so be sure the dye you use is specifically labelled swimming pool dye and is safe for swimming pools.   

5) Spooky lighting
- When it comes to making any Halloween setting look spooking, lighting is everything. A few options... If you float plastic pumpkins in your pool, drop an LED light into each.  You can place jack-o-lanterns, black lights, and other spooky lighting in planters, trees and other locations around the outside of your pool.
6) Floating skeletons,  zombies, dead bodies, etc – Nothing says "Halloween" like having a fake dead body floating in your pool. It will certainly get noticed by your party guests, and may get your pool onto Facebook and Instagram. If you'd like a little lighter ambiance, float some skeletons or zombies on  inner tubes or inflatable rafts.
While it's fun to scare guests at a Halloween party, the last thing you want to do is frighten your family and friends away on other days with an old, run down pool.  If you're in need of pool renovations or a new swimming pool, contact us at Grand Vista Pools we're the premier custom pool builder in Trinity, Tarpon Springs, New Port Richey and Tampa.

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