What You Need to Know if You Own a Pool in Tampa


Tampa, Florida is known for warm weather and plenty of sunshine. Temperatures are typically so mild in the winter, it almost doesn't count as winter. Just ask anyone who lives in the north, and they will tell you that 50 degrees really isn't winter cold. While those of us in Tampa may miss out on snow and skiing, we have the opportunity to use our backyard pools year round.


In northern areas, even north Florida, it is important to protect backyard pools from freeze damage. This means pools must be closed down for winter. It is a process that involves cleaning the pool, draining it, winterizing the pipes and covering the pool. Tampa swimming pools do not need to worry about all these steps!


Year round use encourages pools to be more connected to the house, as a main area for entertaining family and friends. It can be a popular choice to have the backyard pool located in a screened enclosure as part of the main house. This is less common in northern areas when the pool will be shut down for at least 6 months out of the year.


Pools surrounded by a screened enclosure can be a popular choice in Tampa for a number of other reasons as well. Screens help keep the pool clean by protecting the pool from leaves, especially if palm trees are nearby. They also help protect against bugs such as mosquitos, which can be bad in the Florida area especially at dusk. Screens can also keep out other unwanted animals such as snakes and frogs. To maintain an outdoor look and feel, sliders and windows can be added.


In Tampa, it is also popular to use tropical landscape around the pool area. You can create a private tropical get-away right in your own backyard. Using palm trees, shrubs, flowers and other accents can give your pool a unique and tranquil look.


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