How to Properly Maintain the Chemical Balance of a Pool

To keep your Tampa swimming pool clean and healthy, it's absolutely essential to manage your pool’s chemical levels.
To do this, it's important to test your pool water regularly and make adjustments to maintain the correct balance. Maintaining the correct chemical balance, good filtration and fresh water are essential when it comes to pool operation. To help you understand the proper chemical management, today we have...
4 Tips for Properly Managing the Chemical Balance of a Pool
1) pH above 7.8 is too high and may cause discoloration and stains to the pool surface. To lower the pH, add muriatic acid as needed. On the other side, a low pH can cause damage the pool equipment, so be careful not to overuse low pH stablizers.
2) Low alkalinity affects the pH of your pool and can damage your water heater and cause discoloration and stains. Add sodium-bicarbonate to raise the alkalinity.
3) Low calcium hardness can damage a pool's surface and strip metals out of valves, heaters and other metallic parts. We recommend using Scale Free from Natural Chemistry once per month to prevent low calcium.
4) Phosphates can end up in your water by tracking lawn fertilizer into the pool. They can go undetected because they require a separate test to detect their presence. Phosphates can be a problem because they react with the chlorine and basically cancel out the chlorine’s effectiveness. Phos Free by Natural Chemistry is the best way to remove phosphates from your pool. You can keep your pool phosphate free by regularly using Phos Free as part of your pool chemical maintenance.
Testing your pool water regularly will help you determine what adjustments need to be made to manage a good chemical balance in your water. This will ensure that your pool will always be healthy and ready for your enjoyment, and it will also save you from costly stains and repairs.
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