Swimming Pool Builder Tarpon Springs

Tarpon Springs, FL is charming city along the Gulf of Mexico in the Tampa Bay Area known for its sponge docks and Greek heritage.
Divers from Tarpon Springs have been harvesting natural sponges from the bottom of the Gulf since the 1800s. These sponges are sold in local shops in Tarpon Springs and all over the world.
Water is a big part of the culture of Tarpon Springs - whether it's walking along the sponge docks, going to beaches like Fred Howard Park, or swimming in your on Tarpon Springs swimming pool. And in the mild Tarpon Springs winters when the water is too cold for swimming, it's a great time to relax by the water, especially if you have a beautiful outdoor living space around your pool.
If you live in Tarpon Springs or the surrounding Tampa Bay area, sponge diving might not be your thing but you can certainly enjoy the water with your own Tarpon Springs swimming pool.
Grand Vista Pools is one of the top swimming pool builders in Tarpon Springs. If you are considering building or restoring a pool for your home, contact us today!

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