Swimming Pools in Trinity, Florida – What You Need to Know

The entire Tampa Bay area, including Trinity, Florida, is known for its abundance of sunshine and beautiful weather. Temperatures are usually so mild in winter, nobody outside the state would even call it "winter." While those of us who live in this area may "miss out" on shoveling snow and scraping ice off our windshields, instead we get to enjoy our backyard pools almost the entire year.

In northern regions, it's important to protect swimming pools from damage caused by freezing conditions. Pools must prepared for winter. This is a process that involves cleaning the pool, draining the water out of it, winterizing the pipes, and covering the pool. Fortunately, all of this work is unnecessary for Trinity swimming pools!

Because the patio area and pool deck are used year round, Trinity swimming pools tend to be more integrated with the home. Many people enclose their pool with a screen enclosure. This enables them to leave the back door open so people can move freely between the house and pool area without letting bugs into the house. This is not as common in northern areas when the pool is closed down for many months each year.

Building a screen enclosure around a swimming pool is a popular choice in the Tampa Bay area for other reasons too. Screens help keep a pool cleaner by protecting the pool from leaves and other debris, especially there are trees in close proximity to the pool. Screens can also keep frogs, snakes, and other unwanted critters out of the pool. To maintain an outdoor look and feel, windows or sliders can be added.

It is also common to use tropical landscaping around swimming pools in Trinity. Palm trees, flowers, and other tropical plans would be difficult to maintain in other parts of the country where hard freezes would kill them, and they would have to be replanted every summer. But here in the Tampa Bay area, tropical landscaping can give your pool the look and feel of an island get-away.

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