Time Lapse Video: Watch a Complete Pool Build in 2 Minutes

Have you ever wanted to see custom swimming pool construction from start to finish but don’t have time to sit around at a job site day after day?

Grand Vista Pools recorded a 2 minute time lapse video of their team building a custom swimming pool in Trinity, Florida.  The video has already gotten more than 400,000 views!

The video shows the entire pool building process including:

  • Grading the land
  • Outlining the pool and its features
  • Digging the hole
  • Installing rebar
  • Pouring the concrete
  • Installing the electrical and plumbing fixtures
  • Laying the coping and tile
  • Laying the deck pavers
  • Constructing the screen enclosure
  • Installing the pool surface
  • Filling the pool with water
  • Swimming in the pool

Watch the time lapse video of the complete pool building process below

If you are interested in having Grand Vista Pools build you a custom swimming pool in Trinity, Tampa, Tarpon Springs, New Port Richey or anywhere in the Tampa Bay area, contact us today!

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