Tarpon Springs Swimming Pool Builder

Tarpon Springs, FL is beautiful city along the Gulf of Mexico in the Tampa Bay Area known for its historic sponge docks.
Divers from Tarpon Springs have harvested natural sponges from the sea floor since the 1800s. These sponges are sold in local shops and all around the world.
Divers know the best place to beat the heat during the hot Florida summer is in the water. Furthermore, in the mild Tarpon Springs winter, there's nothing better than hanging out and enjoying life near the water.
If you live in or around Tarpon Springs, sponge diving might not be for you but you can enjoy the water with your own Tarpon Springs swimming pool.
Grand Vista Pools is one of the top pool builders in the Tarpon Springs, Florida area. If you are considering building or renovating a pool for your home, or need swimming pool equipment repair contact us today!

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