5 Tampa Swimming Pool Ideas to Consider

Tampa swimming pools have changed a lot over the years.  There are a tremendous number of innovative features to consider which can make possible the kinds of outdoor activities you enjoy and provide the outdoor living space you desire.
1) Build-ins – A pool isn’t just for swimming. Imagine enjoying a drink at swim-up bar, lounging on a tanning ledge, or disappearing into a grotto (cave) hidden behind a waterfall.
2) Hot Tub – A hot tub is a fantastic feature, providing a place to relax and unwind with massaging jets of water. It’s especially nice in the winter and spring when the air is cool, or when you may want to warm up after a dip in the cold pool water.
3) Lighting – Lighting can add a wow-factor to fountains, pool decks, and planters. Underwater lights also add color to your pool, making night swimming safer and evening parties around the pool spectacular.  
4) Water Features – Consider all the fun and atmosphere water features bring to a pool – jets and bubblers, cool fountains, or a spillover from the hot tub.
5) Outdoor kitchen - When planning your pool, think bigger than the pool itself and consider all the things you'd like to do around it.  Imagine yourself grilling for a cookout, serving drinks and watching your favorite team from an outdoor bar, or cooking whatever you like from a full outdoor kitchen.
Grand Vista Pools can build any or all of these features into your new Tampa swimming pool and outdoor living space. Contact us today to discuss these options.

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