Are All Trinity Pool Builders the Same?

When building a new Tampa, Tarpon Springs or Trinity swimming pool, you want to get the best value, right?

Some people choose their Trinity pool builder based solely on price. However, the lowest price is only the best value if everything else is the same. (Hint: it's not.)

One of the biggest myths about swimming pool construction is that all pools are built in exactly the same way. This is just not true. Not every pool builder has the same commitment to quality materials and quality workmanship.

It's unfortunate, but we have seen many people choose a cheap pool builder, be disappointed with the work done, and have to spend a lot more money to fix the problems.

Here are three things you can do to ensure you select a quality Trinity pool builder:

1) Past Customers - Ask the pool builders you are considering for the names and phone numbers of past customers. Call these customers, ask them about their experience, if they've had any problems with the pool builder or their pool. They may give you their happiest customers, but you can usually still learn something about the builder.

2) Building Materials - Ask all pool builders you are considering about the cost and quality of the materials they use.

3) BBB - Investigate the pool builders you are considering on the Better Business Bureau website. See how many complaints they have received and if those complaints were resolved.

Doing these three things will help you make a good decision and hire a quality Trinity swimming pool builder who will give you both a good price and a great value on your new pool.

If you are in the Tampa, Tarpon Springs or Trinity area and looking for a quality pool builder you can trust, contact Grand Vista Pools today!

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