Jump in! It’s Tampa Swimming Pool Season!

Spring break has arrived in Tampa Bay.  Today is the start of spring break for students here in Trinity, Florida.  Tampa students have been enjoying their spring break all this week.  
Spring break marks the unofficial start of the swimming season in the Tampa Bay area, which means many children have been or are about to jump into their Tampa swimming pool for the first time this year.  (Though with low temps in the 40s the last few mornings, you may want to wait a little longer to take that first dip in the pool)
Of course, if you have a solar pool heating system you could have been enjoying your pool for weeks, especially during the extremely warm February we had this year.
If you are about to take your first swim of the season, before you do, take some time to check the water quality and add any chemicals needed to ensure the water is safe for swimming and for the long-term health of your pool.
We also encourage you to do some safety checks around the pool:
  • Make sure any ladders or diving boards are in good working order.
  • Check all plastic in and around the pool - water jets, intake covers, light covers, etc - and replace anything that is cracked or has a sharp edge.
  • Inspect and fix any loose tile, coping or stones.
Then jump into your Tampa swimming pool and enjoy the Florida lifestyle!
Here’s to a season of warm Florida weather, outdoor fun with friends and family, and relaxation!
If you are interested in a new Tampa swimming pool, want to renovate your existing pool, need any other help with your pool in Hillsborough, Pasco or Pinellas county, please contact us today!

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