Quality Tarpon Springs Pool Remodeling

When done right, pool remodeling will make your outdoor living area more beautiful and enjoyable, now, and increase its value for the future.
Unfortunately, not all Tarpon Springs pool remodeling projects go well. You've probably heard horror stories of pool remodeling gone wrong – poor workmanship, unexpected extra costs, delays, and more. Did you know... according to the Better Business Bureau, contractors are the #1 industry for complaints?
Grand Vista Pools has always made customer satisfaction a high priority. We focus on doing a great work and treating our customers well.  As a result, we’ve been able to build a strong, highly reputable business.
I have noticed over the years, though, sometimes people hire cheap pool remodeling companies even when their ratings and reputation aren't very good. Don’t misunderstand - I appreciate competition, but it concerns me when I see people risk their hard-earned money with contractors who don't have much of a track record or a poor (and sometimes hidden) track record.
Code of Ethics & Competency for Contractors
Years ago, I wanted to find a way to educate consumers about how to select a pool contractor. The industry standards just aren’t strong enough. Almost anybody with a truck and some tools can start a pool remodeling contractor.
As a result, I developed the Code of Ethics & Competency for Contractors. The Code calls for contractors to uphold a high set of standards that allow you to determine before you hire a contractor whether or not that contractor is likely to do the job right.
From Tarpon Springs to Trinity to Tampa, you can count on Grand Vista Pools to deliver quality pool remodeling at a fair price.  Contact us today to discuss your pool remodeling project!

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