When is the Best Time for Pool Remodeling in Tampa?

It's finally starting to feel a little like Fall here in the Tampa Bay area.

There's a good chance you won't swim your Tampa swimming pool again until Spring. Even if you have a heating system for your pool and you are still swimming now, it won’t be long before your pool is sitting idle.

When is the Best Time for Pool Remodeling in Tampa?


Why wait and end up with your pool out of commission during swimming season when you can remodel it now when it's not going to be used anyway?

Start by taking a closer look at your pool.

  • Is the pool surface looking warn or discolored?
  • Are there chips or scrapes on the bottom of the pool?
  • Do you see any broken pool tiles?
  • Are any of the pool tiles faded by years of exposure to the sun and chlorine?
  • Are you reluctant to invite people into your home because your pool looks kind of embarrassing?
  • Are there any water, lighting, or fire features you wish your pool had?
  • Would you enjoy your pool more if it had a hot tub, waterfall, swim-out or other fun feature?

Now think ahead to next summer.

What would you love to do in and around your swimming pool 6 months from now and beyond? Think about how much fun you could have hanging out with family and friends...Or what it would be like if your house was the place all your kids' friends wanted to hang out...Or maybe you imagine yourself relaxing in an outdoor seating area, cooking in an outdoor kitchen, watching your favorite team with friends at an outdoor bar.

Grand Vista Pools can make all of this possible. Now is the best time to get started. We'll work with you to design and build your dream pool and outdoor living space, so it's all ready for next year's swimming season. Contact us today to discuss your Trinity, Tarpon Springs or Tampa swimming pool remodeling.

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