What is Pool Resurfacing?

What-is-Pool-ResurfacingOvertime the walls and floor of your pool can breakdown and begin to peel away.  This can not only look bad, but the holes and grooves that form can make it hard to keep the pool clean and eventually lead to leaks.  So, it’s important to resurface your pool from time to time to keep that from happening.  Not to mention that you will be amazed at the fresh, clean look that can be accomplished by swimming pool resurfacing!

Proper Prep is Crucial
Not all contractors will follow the same protocol or use the same materials, so you want to be sure you know what is included before you hire a company to resurface your pool.  The best way to have your pool resurfaced is to prep the pool with an acid wash and then apply a bond coat.  The bond coat acts as a rubberized agent that will allow the new surface to stick.  You will find some companies will skip this step.  However, the bond agent is a very important step to prevent peeling in the future so you new pool surfacing lasts much longer and is more durable.

A Good Finish Material Makes a Big Difference
Pebble Tec is the world's most trusted pool finish. So, finding a contractor that installs Pebble Tec products is preferred.  Pebble Tec carefully selects, trains, and then licenses their installers to maintain the quality and consistency of their product.  Pebble Tec has two finish options.

  • The Pebble Tec option is slightly bumpy, although not rough in any way.
  • The Pebble Sheen option will give a smoother feel.

What is Pool Resurfacing_pebble-tec-warrentyRegardless of finish option you choose, the Pebble Tec finishes are durable and Pebble Tec will stand behind their product with a lifetime warranty.  This means that should your local installer relocate or dissolve, Pebble Tec would back the warranty and offer customer service on your pool finishes.

We’d Love to Resurface Your Pool
Grand Vista Pools is a licensed installer for Pebble Tec products.  We only use Pebble Tec and believe in the product.  In all our installations we have never had a problem with the Pebble Tec finishes due to a manufacturer defect.  To get an estimate for the cost of a pool resurfacing, we will personally visit your pool to measure and discuss cost.  Every pool is different and we want to make sure your pool looks and performs its best!

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