Back Yard Pavilions – Tampa Bay Area

Back Yard Pavilions - Tampa Bay Area


When most Floridians hear that word, they think of a covered area at a public park with picnic tables.

But when designing your ideal outdoor living space, if you love the outdoors and would enjoy a covered area detached from your home, a back yard pavilion could be the perfect option.

A pavilion offers many of the same benefits of a covered patio or deck area, like seating with protection from the sun and rain.  With the additional benefit of being separated from your house, offering more seclusion.  A pavilion can be built in the middle of a garden or the opposite side of the house from the pool.

What do you enjoying in the tranquility of the outdoors?

  • Gardening?  We can build a customized garden center in your pavilion.
  • Watching your favorite sports team? We can put a TV and your favorite seating in your pavilion.
  • Painting?  We'll create an art studio in your pavilion.
  • Writing?  We can put the desk, table or seating that inspires you to write in your pavilion.
  • Relaxing?  How about a hammock or outdoor sofa?

We can put pretty much anything you want in a pavilion to create the the outdoor oasis you've always dreamed of.