Solar Pool Heaters and Heating Systems Installation Tampa

solar pool heaters Tampa

While the Tampa Bay area has one of the longest swimming seasons in the United States, the typical swimming pool without a pool heating system gets use for about 6 months a year.  That leaves the pool unused for about half the year.

Additionally, some unheated pools may have an even shorter swimming season if sunshine is obstructed by the house or trees.

So, consider these...

3 Reasons to Get a Solar Pool Heater in Tampa

1) A Solar Pool Heater Can Add 3 Months of Swimming

Adding a solar heating system to your swimming pool can get you into your pool up to 6 weeks earlier in the spring and extend your swimming season up to 6 weeks in the fall.  That's up to 3 extra months of fun in the pool, a 50% increase.

2) Solar Pool Heaters Run on Free Sunshine

A great thing about solar pool heaters is they run on solar energy instead of gas or electricity.  This makes the cost of their ongoing use almost nothing.

3) Solar Pool Heaters Are Environmentally Friendly

Not only is sunshine free but it's also green.

If you're interested in extending the use of your swimming pool by up to 50% every year, consider adding a solar pool heater.  Grand Vista Pools is a solar pool heater installer for new and existing pools in Pasco, Pinellas and Hillsborough counties.  Contact us today to discuss your pool heating system options.