7 Great Trinity Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

For people who live in and around Trinity, outdoor kitchens have been come an enjoyable and popular place to gather with friends and family. If you are consider adding an outdoor kitchen to your outdoor living area, here some great ideas to think about:

1) Charcoal Grill

Many outdoor kitchens are designed around the grill. When the grill is built into the main entertaining area, the chef can be more a part of the gathering, instead of off by him or herself cooking the food. Big Green Eggs charcoal grills are especially popular and can be built right into an outdoor outdoor kitchen cabinet.

2) Gas Grill

Gas grills are another great option. They cook faster than charcoal if you want to cook something quick, and are great to have next to a charcoal or gas grill to use for cooking side dishes. Many new homes in the Tampa Bay area are being built with a natural gas connection, and an outdoor gas grill can be connected to the gas line. If the home doesn't have natural gas, propane tanks can be used instead.

3) Refrigerator

While you and your friends are hanging out around the outdoor kitchen and grill, why not make it easy to get some ice and cold drinks by having refrigerator right there as well. This could serve as your meat or beer fridge too.

4) Bar

Now that you have a fridge with cold drinks, why not add a bar and bar stools so your family and friends don't have to stand while you're cooking.

5) Television

And now that you've got an awesome outdoor bar, your family and friends are probably going to want to be able to turn on the Bucs, Rays or Lightning game while hanging out. You might as well add a nice flat screen TV.

6) Sink

At this point, your outdoor kitchen has everything but the kitchen sink... literally. Why not add one? While cooking there are times you need to wash your hands or rinse fruit or vegetables. If you opted to include a refrigerator in your outdoor kitchen, you will already need to run a water line to it for the ice maker and water dispenser.

7) Sound system

Whether you are relaxing by yourself, having a few friends over or hosting a big party, music always adds life and ambiance to any activity.

We hope these 7 ideas have your creativity in full gear now. The possibilities are truly endless. Creating the best Trinity outdoor kitchen concept for your outdoor living space can be fun and exciting. For help with your outdoor kitchen design and installation- from Trinity to Tampa and Largo to Land O' Lakes - contact us at Grand Vista Pools. We specialize in creating outdoor living spaces our customers love.

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